Kanu Analytics is a growth consulting agency that services brands, startups, and influencers. We specialize in maximizing the ROI of online media with industry leading martech strategy and process/funnel design. Our proven online advertising and digital marketing strategies build brands, increase sales, and facilitate customer acquisition.

Kanu Analytics started as a blog where I documented and shared ideas about applied advertising and marketing operations. It has since grown to offer a variety of services including media buying, funnel design and implementation, creative and web development, analytics, and conversion optimization/tracking.

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Dennis Kanu

Dennis Kanu

Growth Consultant

Library: Growth Marketing Selected Works

Tutorial: Bootstrapping Monthly Recurring Revenue

Learn how to use existing distribution channels to identify qualifed bussiness and tailor messages with pinpoint accuracy to convert new revenue. Try these tested growth strategies – make revenue hacking a breeze.

Lead Generation: Restoration Chicago, IL

Time + demand based growth marketing tactics. Turned 1.8k ad spend into 18k revenue in 2 weeks.

Generative AI Content Strategy

Video content asset creation with Generative AI for organic frequency based campaigns.