Documentation of Ad Ops, Stats and Marketing Processes

Short Term Directional Equity Forecasting with SVMs and R

This post outlines a framework for forecasting short term (i.e. daily tick data) directional movements of equity prices. The method used here relies on support vector machines and treats the system like a Markov Chain. Historical data is downloaded from

Multiple Variant Testing with R

This post overviews code for testing multiple variants using Bayesian statistics. It is especially useful when there is a defined action that can be classified as a success (i.e. a click or conversion) and when we have complete information about the number of trials...

Polynomial Regression for Digital Ads with R

This post discusses how to use polynomial regression for digital advertising data. Polynomial regression can help us better understand the relationship between spend and impressions (or spend and clicks). This method can be particularly useful when looking at daily...

Analyzing Page Relations With Google Analytics and R

This post outlines a method for analyzing how often pages appear together in user journeys on your website. To do so we utilize R and the Google Analytics API. You can find the full code on GitHub. We will rely on the dplyr, plyr, GoogleAnalyticsR, rio, RcppAlgos, and...