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Facebook regularly receives flack for political advertising scandals. YouTube got its share of criticism during the Adpocalypse in 2017 (albeit for other reasons). Twitter changed its ad policy in late 2019 to preemptively avoid backlash, and now globally prohibits political advertisements. We can speculate, that prior to this change political groups of all sorts (think: politicians, political action committees, think tanks, lobbying groups, and corporations used the Twitter ads platform to further policy agendas. Easily Accessible Information and Similar Audiences There aren’t necessarily political audience targeting lists available by default in the Twitter Ads platform – but Twitter Ads allow you to target follower look alike audiences, which in turn allows advertisers to target people with similar interests to an account’s followers. So hypothetically, by targeting some political figure’s follower look alike handle you’d have the ability to show ads to people with a high likelihood of being in agreement…

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