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Almost everyone is familiar with the phrase “location, location, location” when evaluating a property. Being mindful of location when purchasing out of home advertising placements is key to running successful outdoor campaigns. Python and the Here.com API can assist in location research when purchasing outdoor media (billboards, bulletins, and digital signage) remotely or when there are many locations to research. The full code an be found on GitHub. This post outlines a method for querying nearby places corresponding to a set of geographical coordinates associated with out of home media placements. Researching nearby places can enable you to determine whether the location is brand friendly and consistent with your campaign messaging and target audience. There are 3 files that you’ll need: credentials.yaml boards.csv proximity_ooh.py credentials.yaml The file credentials.yaml is where you’ll specify your app id and app credentials to authorize access to the Here.com API. boards.csv The file boards.csv should…

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