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Twitter offers tools to analyze tweet performance of your own accounts via twitter analytics and the accounts of others via tweetdeck. Unfortunately, the platforms have limited data export functionality; there is not a clean easy way to export data from the web user interface. The method outlined in this post avoids Twitter API fees and is compliant with TOS if you download html files locally. You can download local html copies of the webpages found at analytics.twitter.com and tweetdeck.twitter.com that are associated with your account. The full code can be found on GitHub. There are 4 other files that you’ll want to include in the same directory where you downloaded the html files: twitter_scraping_css.json twitter-analytics-main.r twitter-tweetdeck-main.r Helpers.R twitter_scraping_css.json This json file contains css selectors templates for targeting relevant structured data in twitter analytics and tweetdeck html files. The css selectors for tweetdeck are written generically with a %s parameter in…

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